What to look for in a Web Hosting Company

When we were asked to write an article about what to look for in a web hosting company, we thought about including some of the negative experiences we had in the past, before we became our web host. However, we decided that the best course of action is just to give you the details of a good Web Hosting company.

So how do you find a good hosting company with millions of them out there? Well, you take a look at what they offer.

Some of the things to consider asking yourself include:

  1. How much disk space do you really need?
  2. How much bandwidth do you really need?
  3. They offer 24/7 support, but is it good support?
  4. Should you go big box or with a smaller web hosting company?

Let’s take a closer look at these questions…

How much disk space do you really need?

We bet you believe the answer to this question is the more the merry. However, this is almost never the case. 🙂

We have found that 98% of our web hosting clients use less than 1GB of disk space and have a very productive business. That number is staggering!

Our own website is less than 2GB in size. 😛

This is the reason that LB Website Design does not offer an unlimited plan, we have yet to see a need for it. We could create an unlimited plan, charge $100 extra per year for it and watch as our wallets filled, and our bellies got even bigger (yes bigger). However, we are not in it for the money; we are in it to ensure that you have a successful business and make a little money as well (we do have bellies to feed).

How much bandwidth do you really need?

Finding the answer to this question is simple if you already have a website up and running as you can simply check your bandwidth stats and compare them to your new plan. Normally we recommend having around 10GB’s of bandwidth. This is a nice round number that will handle your day-to-day operations and is why our Personal Plan provides this amount for only $25 a year!

If you are a small business we recommend around 20GB’s as most of our web hosting clients have hundreds of E-Mail’s and thousands of hits per day on their websites.

If you are designing your first website, you will most likely need to start out with something small such as our Personal Plan as your site will take a while to catch on, unless you have some uber social media following. Then you might want to go up to 10GB’s as needed.

They offer 24/7 support, but is it great support?

We have had great, good, fair and very poor experiences with web hosting support. We are not sure about your preference, but we despise being connected to a third party support that does not even work for the web host that you are inquiring about. This is something we here at LB Website Design are proud of. We will go out of our way to make sure you are laughing and happy with your choice in a web host. We will make sure your server is in tip-top shape. (We have to brag a little We do have 99% uptime :P).

Always make sure the support staff is playful and willing to help and not just responding with a canned answer. The more personable, the better.

Should you go big box or with a smaller web hosting company?

You should always take heart into consideration when choosing a web host. The bigger they are, the less they have in some cases (no not all).

We have found that big box web hosts have thousands of customers and an overworked support department. This leads to poor support and long wait times. Finding an issue to a problem should not take days, at the most it should take no longer than 24 hours to get a resolution to an issue, not just a simple response.

Smaller web hosting companies on the other hand normally have a few hundred clients that they maintain with ease and still have time to care. Their support departments normally answer questions and resolve issues within 24 hours, and they tend to be more talkative as most do not have a canned list to choose from.

In conclusion

It is not up to someone to tell you where to find a host, as this choice has many paths it can lead you down. What you need to consider is what is best for you and your website. We believe a good host is not just a place to set up shop and upload too. However, it is a place to make friends, build bonds and call home. You may think this cheesy, but it is what we strive to do, each and every day.

Feel free to take a look at our web hosting packages and compare them to others.