To register your domain’s Nameservers with Jambog Web Hosting, you will need to visit the domain registrar where you purchased your domain name. Some examples include 1&1, Network Solutions and many more.

Two Nameservers must be changed to point your domain to its new home on Jambog. Those are:


There are a few options to choose from when changing your Name Servers.

The Easiest Option

Provide us access to your domain name registrar and we will complete this step for you, free of charge! Contact our support department and we will have you up and running in now time!

Complete this Step Yourself

Every registrar has a different way to navigate to the Nameservers section, and each registrar provides detailed articles on how to complete a Nameserver change. To find this article, you will need to navigate to your Domain Registrar’s support knowledge base, generally located on the support or help link on their website.

If there is a feature search enter “How to change Nameservers” into the search field and you should have no issue finding the article. Follow the instructions in the article and enter the Nameservers listed above.

If you need assistance at any time setting up your Nameservers, please feel free to contact us. Make sure that you include your registrar’s name and website.