TODO: This page may be linked from the app (via the update check file).

This is where we would list the app history.

Version 2.0 Build 23 – Changes since build 22:
+ Added: Setup, uninstaller exe, and app exe should all be signed now.
+ Added: Added Export to main toolbar.
+ Changed: New less cluttered About Dialog.
+ Changed: Completely new buttons and button style for main toolbar buttons.
+ Changed: Moved Screen Pick to end of toolbar because it’s a little wider than the rest.
+ Changed: Increased the spacing between HSL and RGB sliders to make better use of the space.
+ Changed: Put the slider label edits in a rectangle to make them look like an edit box.
+ Changed: Moved Color Sources pill buttons to the top.
+ Changed: REMOVED Shutterstock search, they changed their page.
+ Changed: Glow after random wheel pick and color change in dark theme is now white instead of blue.
+ Changed: Changed small toolbar button style to be more compatible with windows and mac.
+ Changed: Small adjustments to text layout in activation dialogs to support mac.
+ Fixed: Edit Color details dialog was resizable.
+ Fixed: Added HTML Template files to installer, they are installed where the exe is. If they are missing from there, they will be extracted to the DATA file, not the exe folder.