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About us

Our team has been designing software and websites for over three decades at this point and have loved doing so right from the start. We feel confident that our many years of experience have made us influential website designers using the current trends in website design.

We find website design incredibly fun, useful of course, and a necessary addition to any business. Which means we take pride in every website and software application we build.

We are based out of West Virginia and we have clients from all around the world. We enjoy what we do, and we want you to enjoy it too. We have all the software needed, so fill out our contact form and see what we can do for you. It will be worth your time without a doubt!

Meet our talented team

We have been working together for over 15 years designing websites, learning HTML/CSS and having so much fun. We do not always agree on everything but we have found it helps to have a verity and allow you to choose which you like best! We do not claim to be beautiful, but we can make your website a reality. Below you can find more information about who we are and how we live. You can even Facebook stalk us if you want! 🙂

Adam East
Adam EastPartner / CFO / Front End Coding Director
Adam has been a website designer since 2001 and has extensive knowledge with server management, WordPress, CSS3 and HTML5. He lives for his wife, and two beautiful girls.
Seth Roberts
Seth RobertsPartner / CTO / Programming Director
Seth is a man of mystery! He does not use social media, because he codes from sun up to sun down… We are pretty sure he codes on the toilet, but at least his code is clean!
Scott Swedorski
Scott SwedorskiPartner / CCO / Customer Service Director
As the founder of TUCOWS and recipient of the the Lifetime Achievement Award from SIAF, Scott is one smart cookie. He has 4 wonderful children and has been in the industry for more than 30+ years!


  1. Served the Kings Mountain, NC, Bluefield, WV community for over 10 years!
  2. Over 48 years of combined experience in website design.
  3. Award winning customer support!
  4. All in one package: web hosting, responsive website design, responsive email marketing, template design, logo design, search engine optimization (SEO).

Site looks really good! … Nice job on the changes! … You guys rock when it comes to getting things done! Julie is just awsome and the turnaround on changes is crazy! Do you ever sleep?

Earnie H, Meadowbrook Productions

Site looks great! I can not believe it turned out so well. I am a hands on person and this will for sure bring in more business. Thank you so much…

Stacie Henderson, Clear Vision Therapeutic Massage

I love it, the site, is just WOW! Thank you so much for all your help and guidance, as I could not have done this without you.

Lisa S, Spenseres Bulldogs

Our site looks better then ever! I can not believe it looks so good on my cell phone, I never knew what responsive web design was! Thank you for walking us through everything and your prices are awesome!

Becke Mullins, Hillbilly HideAway

Jambog has hosted our non profit site for over five years, they not only give us every other year free, but they are always there when we have questions. Jambog has great customer service, and really care about their customers.

John Yales, Habitat for Humanity

Our business has not even opened, and we have received more positive feedback on our website design then on our rooms! Jambog did a wonderful job.

Gary, Minner Inn & Campground

I love the new site, it looks great and is up-to-date! Service is awesome and they go way beyond what we expected. With three websites and three locations it is important to us to have someone we can pick up the phone and call with any changes.

Dr. Gelot, Carolina Family Care

Thank so much for your time and guidance it looks awesome. (I love the leaf.) Thanks for keeping us up and running, great job..

Mayda S., Terraposts PV